About Me.

Sun Kissed Brook

A Passion for the land and wildlife of australia

My camera takes photographs, I create fine art images.

Hi there, my name is Shane Miles, I first got hooked on photography when just a young boy, my grandfather handed me an old Box Brownie and I started running around snapping pics of everything I could see, I was having a great time pretending to be a Professional wildlife photog getting some great images of our cats and goldfish. Then I asked Par to show me how to get the images out of the camera?  He said Quote: “Well you will need to buy some film first”.  Needless to say my first venture into photography left me a little disappointed, however undeterred I bought some film and started my journey into the wonderful world of photography.

Australia is the lucky country.

Forward a few years, I got into weddings, family portraits and corporate head shots chasing the big dollars, but my heart wasn’t in it and I was constantly being drawn to the great outdoors where my true love for photography lay.

Living in Australia has so many benefits especially being a photographer, with great beaches, rivers, vistas, waterfalls, wildlife and the great expansive outback. So it was inevitable that  my passion for the land and wildlife would naturally flow into my photography.

I am happiest when in nature and feel connected when truly on the land , entering into the world that the wildlife calls home and the outback drovers their office, with all the dust, flies, storms, refreshing lakes and dehydrating droughts, I am on a journey driven by passion, curiosity and for the love of photography.

With so much to see and so many stories to tell, why not join me on this adventure. Come and experience my passion for the land and the wildlife of this great country.

ABN: 29 524 502 571

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