Sun Kissed Brook

Sun Kissed Brook Story

The story behind my “Sun Kissed Brook” image:

I had held a landscape photography workshop at Tangerine Mountain, Queensland, and as it was such a beautiful day I decided to do some scouting for places for Wildlife Photography Workshops and stumbled across this magnificent babbling brook at Cedar Creek.

As soon as I saw the sun rays peeking through the trees and kissing the water as it tumbled across the rocks and pebbles I knew it would make for a very picturesque landscape scene. Now I don’t usually use my Nikon D7100 for landscape images as it is primarily used for Wildlife and Sports photography however as it was the camera I had on me at the time ……. well you know what they say “The best camera is the one you have with you”

As I said this was to be a scouting expedition aimed at wildlife so I had packed lightly and only had two lenses with me, the Tamron 100-400mm on the camera and an old 55-200mm Nikon kit lens, so it was off with the Tamron and quickly mount the 55-200 to get the widest possible field of view I could with the limited equipment I had at hand.

A quick sizing up of the lighting conditions and with composition in mind I wound the lens out to 55mm and set my aperture to f/5.6, shutter speed at 1/250th, I decided on an ISO setting of 350 as I knew from past experience that this would produce the least amount of noise in my final image due to the lighting conditions.

So as I didn’t want to lose the light and especially the rays,  I quickly walked the scene to scope out what the best angle to get the desired photo and  composed my shot, focused and fired off the shutter.

As it turned out I was lucky to capture this scene as a massive storm hit literally just seconds after and we had to make a dash for the car, the storm was huge, flooding low lying areas and pushing trees over in its wake.

This image is beautiful with its vibrant colours and is especially stunning as a Metal Print due to the jaw dropping HD quality a Metal Print produces. If your interested in purchasing a Metal, Canvas or Framed print, Take a look at my Online Store here  but hurry as there are limited numbers.

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